We believe that tolerance is a value that allows the coexistence, especially in the ideological level, as it is important for a society to accept diversity and live with all manifestations of culture. Especially in court circles agnostic appears as a major need to assess the respect for ideas unrelated to any Catholic or Christian tradition, since risk always appears inquisitor of the hidden forces of believers who manipulate and dominate the development of peoples for personal benefit.

Given the evidence an increasingly interconnected world in which we interact with others in completely different cultures and alien to our western Christian tradition, it is clearly necessary to protect the importance of a principle of tolerance that effectively allow a harmonious coexistence between people. ” It’s really a value or virtue? Interesting is to assess the genesis of the concept of tolerance. According Ferrater Mora is a concept that arises from a religious wars that swept Europe, it refers to the peaceful coexistence that can exist between Catholics and Protestants. Following this can be seen in various ways:. Indulgence .. compared to other doctrines and practices respect to statements that are framed policies as long as acceptable to the community ..

Understanding versus attitudes against allowing the coexistence of living in a society. However, Gianini add other views of this concept to help clarify. Tolerance is associated with resistance possessed by certain materials before reaching a limit destroy them. In this sense, tolerance is the ability to endure, to endure a situation, belief, idea or person other than us.


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