Learning The Art Of Kendo

The total equipment weight is about 5 kilograms. During a training session, you lose as much water in one day or one session spinning strong high-impact aerobics. The kendo is indeed a great cardiovascular exercise even if you’re not interested in participating in competitions.
Beginners always start to train without the armor. Various techniques of moving feet (ashisabaki) and body as well as complete control of the Shinai must be mastered before it’s time to get the Bogu and start beating on the opponent with force.
After almost all the exercises are performed with complete armor against an opponent. There are many different techniques that need to be practiced and refined over and over again as a counter-attack techniques, technical knowledge of the situation, techniques of fast movement and also pure physical and agility.
But the exercise that most of the kendokas enjoy most is the “keiko” This is a year wrestling with an opponent, in which both kendokas trying to use their acquired skills. It is a physically demanding exercise but it is fun.
To further increase the impact of the cuts passed on, the voice is used extensively in ‘a lot of screaming (Kiai)’ is involved in a fight.
The shinai traditionally consists of four wooden sticks joined by leather straps and a leather handle. As seen in prominent sources. Today shinais graphite is also available, made of carbon fiber material much more durable, suitable for training purposes.


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