White House

Under the guise of several converging crisis unfolding before our eyes the end of what should look like the first chapter of the decline of the American Empire (about 2001-2007) and the beginning of a turbulent process triggered by the leap of negative trends that were developed over different durations. Anyway bad news financial, energy and military do not seem to placate the Messianic delusions of Washington but otherwise, it is as if Bush and his hawks would not leave the White House within a few months. They are still threatening to Governments that are not subject to their whims, suggest new wars and claim to want to prolong indefinitely the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, including a devastating attack against Iran is still possible. Both insofar as emerges a new wave of rumors warlike pointing toward Iran generally originated in statements or trascendidos of senior officials of the Government, an attack against that country would have disastrous immediate consequences for the world economy, the price of oil would soar into the clouds, the global financial system would become a chaotic situation and the imperial recession become ultra recession led by a dollar in free fall. Perhaps some strategists and Pentagon hawks circle more radicalized are imagining a great cleansing global fire that would emerge victorious nation chosen by God: the United States of America. It’s crazy but it is part of the psychological configuration of a major portion of the ruling elite crossed by a lethal current that combines virtualism, omnipotence, despair and fury before a reality every day less docile. In his interesting article on this topic, Beinstein adds, the word collapse was appearing with increasing intensity since the end of last year through interviews and newspaper articles often combined with other expressions not less terrible, in some cases adopting its most popular aspect (collapse, death, catastrophic fall) and in others rigorously, IE as a succession of severe systemic damage, such as general decline irreversible.


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