Installation Bus

The need for the creation of a single language for the design of control systems, arose more than 20 years ago. Given the need for a large amount of building control systems manufacturers and builders of real estate. The objective of this system is that all computers can communicate among themselves successfully, regardless of manufacturer. As a result, was created an independent body called EIB (European Installation Bus) in order to manage a world for the various control systems standard. This standard is now known as KNX, has been in force for two decades. Your data tell us that it has more than 7,000 products compatible between itself and more than 200 producers. Housing domotic applications both for the control of known intelligent buildings, the KNX Protocol is the standard for worldwide use.

This standard can control, among other things: – energy-efficient – lighting systems – Control and dosage of water – security systems, alarms, surveillance. -Appliances, audio. -Air conditioning (air conditioning / heating)-enclosures, blinds. The mentioned manufacturers amongst Zennio which contributes with a wide range of products KNX (control air conditioning, lighting, screens and tactile pushbuttons, sensors, actuators and interfaces) in addition to the KES (KNX Energy Saver), a bet from Zennio by environment and energy savings based on the KNX standard, allowing to measure the consumed energy and the electrical power of a three-phase circuit or single-phase three. Full news in KNX domotics. You can find more information about different products and news in the world of home automation in Zennio Spain and Basalte Spain


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