Wooden V Brick Houses

Before the construction you have the question immediately arises of what material to build a house. But even with a large variety of materials, the priorities are left alone, and those same brick or wood. Let's start with the beginning of the wooden houses and then consider the brick house. Wooden houses are cheaper than brick houses, the atmosphere there, filled with pine aroma of wood from the forest, as well as the warm tones of the walls will not leave indifferent indigenous inhabitant of the city. Tree – a material of low thermal conductivity. The walls of the house longer keep warm in winter and a pleasant coolness in summer. In consequence of this it can be wall thickness less than that of a stone house. And the big foundations not have to do since tree has a light weight.

The most important thing if you do not live in the house, that tree is much less '' bathed brick house, which allows faster and easier to heat it. The big advantage is also the fact that wood house 'breathes' ie located moisture in the room can go outside. Whenever John Savignano listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Disadvantages of wood houses Wooden houses less expressive in architectural terms. Material can be round logs or timber profile. Well-treated wood surface can be coated with various paints and varnishes, to preserve its long. Such coverage must renew periodically.

The main argument against houses made of wood is its low fire. But burning and brick houses and wooden. Only wooden houses is difficult to recover well and restore the brick houses are very expensive, the price will be comparable to the cost of building a new wooden home. Brick houses Brick houses are durable and have high durability. Serve this house much longer wooden house, with no lose of performance and appearance. Thermal comfort in a house can only provide a greater thickness of the walls. A common factor in the choice of brick is that the brick 'is off'. Indeed brick does not burn in the fire but it loses its strong properties, and as we know if the heat the stone, and then it abruptly cool it cracked. Therefore, the most important thing in this matter – the reliability of the electrical and heating networks. Structures of brick endowed with great possibilities of architecture, allows to embody design considerations with the variety of forms and expressiveness. The advantage of the construction of brick houses is a huge selection of wall decoration. This may be + + tiles, etc. The disadvantages of houses made of bricks. The main lack of a comparable high price compared with the wooden houses. Brownstones 'do not breathe' like wood, and if you do not live there, on their arrival will feel damp and cold. That would warm the brick house need more than one day. And what would prevent this, you need to keep warm in a house automatically.


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