House Flooding

How do I prepare for a flood spring tide If your area is often affected by spring flooding (near the river, flowing in the spring, the house stands in a valley, where storm drains rainwater flows, etc.), look around. Need to know where (on hills and steep banks) should run, if water enters. Keep your money ready ferry (boat), high boots. Place in a bag (suitcase) value, warm clothes, food rations, water and medicines. Listen to the possible alarms: on the threat of flooding should inform local authorities and special services. What to do if evacuation is declared by a signal warning about the threat of flooding and the evacuation without delay, in the prescribed manner, or leave take the exit from a dangerous flood zone to a designated safe area or on elevated terrain, taking with them documents, valuables and essential items and the two-day supply of nonperishable food. In the final evacuation point register.

Do not try to avoid it – you can pay for life. Before leaving the house off gas, electricity, extinguish the fire in the furnace in the attic perepravte things. Windows and doors on the ground floor is better not to only close but also to score boards. If the water is caught you off guard, take cover on the upper floors of buildings, attics and roofs, and always serve the distress signals: a day – waving the flag (bed sheet, towel), and in the dark time – a flashlight. Help people in distress, strictly follow the requirements of the rescuers and do not panic.


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