Project Architecture

That is the architectural design of your House? It is the spatial and volumetric proposal of how it will be your home. Represented in texts, diagrams, two-dimensional drawings, scale models and three-dimensional models. To develop it, there is a process that consists of various activities: identify your needs and requirements. Your description of the type of House you want; number of rooms, your preferences and those of your family. Your budget, time and location of the land. Feedback with your architect. The analyse and explore your ideas and concepts in such a way that it will establish a dialogue with you in order to understand you and continue with the next step.

The architectural program. This contains the list of namespaces that your House will be according to your requests, for example: access, lobby, stay, visits bath, dining room, kitchen, room of washing and ironing, Patio, 1 master bedroom with bathroom dressing room, 2 bedrooms with shared bathroom, study, parking for 2 Cars and spatial relations garden and sizing: your architect to study the relationship between the different spaces and determine a particular and general dimension in such a way will know the total number of square feet or square metres of your home, take into consideration the information site, the context and the ground. The concept: This is the creative part of the project, the architect contribution to your aspirations. The concept of Tu Casa is the basic Idea and the starting point upon which the following stages will be developed until the construction and completion of the work. You architect you submit in a digital three-dimensional model or a model said concept, you decide if you agree, you like it or not, and give the go-ahead of the concept until you are 100% satisfied. The next phase is to develop elAnteproyecto, is the representation of the concept in drawings: architectural plants, cuts and facades. This is still a stage of review because your you can ask your architect modifications to a his Once you explain because of the proposals drawn. Review to approve the preliminary draft, he continues the work now with the realization of flat executives; is the information that your home will be built: flat topographic, of foundations, walls, beams or girders, mezzanines and covers.

Planes of hydraulic, sanitary, electrical, voice and data, special facilities. Finishes, carpentry, construction details, technical reports, budget and programme of work. The architectural project is the gestation of your home, as well as that of a human being requires time, dedication, effort, affection and enthusiasm! Enjoy the process and enjoy it with your family. Until the next. Your architect online.

The House

It would seem that what to Poe bothers, rather than glass, is the proliferation of realist literature that eventually would prevail on the effect of the lamp (even up to our days where the taste of most ranges from realistic and quite traditional – literature whose limits are already widely known-to the other end, with the return of the sagas of wonderful literature) and, following your game, this can be also translated into interior decoration. Glass has become the material of choice in design (from a coffee table or a dining table, to a desktop pc, a tv Cabinet or even in a library carries CD, and also in architecture, such as the station of trains in Germany). Do tell us this about ourselves? Why our inclination toward the glass? Why has glass become a must-have for any living room that wishes to express a modern style and denote certain status? Transparency and clarity; reflect light instead of retaining it. Modern man uses much of his time in confined spaces, from home to work and work to home. The chaos of the city and the fragmentation of being claim some kind of unity that this has to be sought, since then, in your own home. The man who lives in the big city, where space is rationed, need to create the illusion of light and spatiality.

Not only mirrors are useful to reflect an image but also to multiply the light. They can illuminate and double spaces, making them look wider and more illuminated. Agglomerations of buildings, cars, people, objects, advertising, images that bombard our senses; where can I find the simplicity, the lost unity? In the House, our modern and private Eden, we say. The glass is today, for us, a necessity; It creates an illusion and provides modern man light and space, as well as a sense of freedom, which both longs for.


Therefore authority and power are essential elements of all society; without them the social order would not last, of the opposite sociedadese would destroy in anarchy of the disobedience. The man was born to live in society, therefore, not being able to live in the isolation nor if to provide what he is necessary and useful to the life, nor to acquire the perfection of the spirit and the heart. He made it to the Step to join itself to its fellow creatures, in a civil, only society domestic how much in such a way capable to supply what she is necessary to the perfection of the existence. The social order, then, helps the man to be more man. It places it in contact with the others reflecting its reality human being: to be social. In this lesson it had the presentation of Bruno Laselva in which &#039 approached the subject; ' The paper of the Estado' ' had as heading: ' ' THE FUNCTIONS OF THE STATE IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE IGREJA' ' – (09/11/2009) the notion of ' ' Estado' ' she is old and it precedes to Christian thought. The concept of State is not a valid general concept for all the times, but it is a historical concept, concrete, that appears when the idea and the practical one of the sovereignty are born, what it only occurred in century XVII: the official date where the world occidental person if presents organized in States is of 1648, year where the peace of Westflia was signed. The expositor said that two questions if reveal: the problem of the originary formation of the States (of human groupings not yet integrated in any State); the problem of the derived formation (the formation of new States from other preexisting ones). This everything was despertando conscience for search of unit (between States), that after all it would be materialize in the treat ones to peace of Westflia, that had had the character of documentation of the existence of a new type of State, with the basic characteristic of territorial unit endowed with a sovereign power: it was already the Modern State.

Classic Antiquity

The preconception generally is related with the ignorance, seen here as the absence of knowledge concerning determined subject. Invariably one meets folloied of the stubbornness, that is its faithful slave. We do not have leaving to take in them for these points of view and yes after one determined knowledge of a subject to take off our conclusions, thus preventing a daily pay concept. racism appears in the Culture Occidental person, on the certain conceptions on the Nature Human being that had based its descriminao, in view of its exploration. The discrimination of the men, in the Europe was acceptance until the o century XIX, as something natural. In relation to the slaves since the Classic Antiquity that if argued if these were enslaved by its very nature (racist thesis) or for social condition. In old Greece, philosophers as Plato and Aristotle (sc.IV and III B.C.), had looked for to base the slavery on particular aspects of the nature human being of the slaves.

Its racist argument that was however far from being acceptance. The slavery in general understood as an act of violence of strongest on weakkest. This age the conception that predominated between the Romans. Today which is the belief according to the capacities human beings is determined by the race or ethnic group, many times express in the form of an affirmation of superiority of a race or group on the others. It can be disclosed as discrimination, violence or verbal abuse.

The theories racist contemporaries appear in century XVIII. The scientists of the time had strengthenn themselves for identifying and classifying the different races. They are considered inferior (in special the black race) and only one is assumed as superior (the European white race). We perceive the existing preconception for the whites to the blacks since the time of the slavery, therefore it was refused between whites, but acceptable for the blacks.


The initial intention age to exempt Albertina of those terrible moments, therefore immediately had bought a cheese bread to saciar the hunger of it. It intended to give a temporary shelter for until she found somebody made use to adopt it definitively. More the days had been if passing and that feeling of mercy it was if transformed for passion and of passion it transformed if into love. Soon in the first days, to only think that some of the candidates could lead Albertina she stops far from it, it until cried. There the namorada one of the protector of Albertina entered in scene that also was gotten passionate for it and now was the two to cry to only think about the hour of the possible one> separation. It does not need to say more nothing and Albertina finished definitively adopted for the couple of boyfriends and today harvest of coconuts of all the stewardships that who only loves dismissal to the loved person. Reason is not known the affectionate name of Albertina and Nina and Does not clink, as correct it would be, but in certain case of love things are one how much in such a way inexplicable. thus Nina or Albertina, as they want, if became a perpetual love and became if sister of creation of the Lana. This is one history cachorrinha that it left the gutter for the rank of one of the two princesses of a couple that adores dogs.

Electrical Consumption

These are several of the advice who you can use to save until in a 20% in the consumption of his home. The electricity is one of the most important factors in our daily life, with which we could not live at the present time. For that reason its consumption with moderation is important as much in the ecological scope as in the economic saving. This economic saving taking still more force at the moments of world-wide crisis in which we were. For that reason it is important to take care of details that can make us save until a 20% in our invoice of light.

For it first that there is to know clearly it is the objective that is persecuted. In this case it is the saving of electrical energy. This objective begins since we acquired an electric appliance. It is important to compare what is the electric home appliance that can more interest to us having in account the consumption that it generates. This consumption appears in the manual of the own apparatus, that usually comes measured in Watts or kilowatts, so that whichever major is this greater amount will be the consumption. Another aspect to have in whatever is the operation that has the oldest apparatuses. These lose efficiency and therefore they consume more along than they are used.

It is for that reason that is important to have a control exceeds they and to know if to some consumption as much electricity that is not profitable its use. One of the apparatuses that can produce majors losses is the refrigerator or freezer. It is important to make sure his good operation. It is recommended that a minimum space of 15 cm with respect to the back wall is left. Also he is basic to make sure that well the door closes to avoid that the cold escapes and to do so the refrigerator works of less intense way. On the other hand he is not advisable that is accumulated much ice in the walls of the freezer. You can defrost it every three months. Other apparatuses, as they can be televisions, equipment of music, videoconsolas, etc. continue consuming energy even though they go out. One is the Stand-by system, and it is possible to be appreciated when extinguishing these apparatuses it is a small own red light or green of each equipment. If this apparatus is not going to be used during a long time he is recommendable to unplug it of the electrical current. All these advice must complement themselves with the appropriate use of the illumination in our houses, since it is greater electrical consumption than he takes place in our homes. For that reason it is important to follow the following advice: 1. To take advantage of to the maximum and as far as possible the light the sun. 2. To extinguish the lights of the cockpits in which there is nobody. 3. To use lights of low consumption that can consume less up to 5 times than the common ones. Finally, it is important to also control the conditioned air equipment. These generate great consumptions of electricity. For that reason it is important to maintain them in good state, cleaning them, replacing the filters with regularity and using them only when it is necessary.

Painting Walls

In case the painting of the walls is degraded, they would be possible to be left naked. But to you it likes the art, could use pictures with geometric reasons that they own a fine frame of black color. So that the dormitory is a space of absolute tranquillity, the white color in the walls is the ideal. If a one eiderdown and sheets becoming game, will be more increased to that sensation of relax and comfort. As it were mentioned previously, the direct light is due to avoid. That means that instead of to have unique center of strong light, manifolds will be had and these will be smooth. A good option is to use globes of rice paper since they emit a tenuous and warm light.

It chooses three globes, two small and one great one. To this it places it of the ceiling in center and uses the small ones to both sides of first. It tries that the furniture that is going to use has integrated drawers since preferable is that all are most compact possible because they allow to purify the room. In the case of the bookcases, if the wall is white, that these also are it. The order but of a discreet form will always stay. And if it feels the temptation to acquire a great closet remembers that it will clear the sensation to him from amplitude to the room. It paints the closet of the same color of the walls or escndalo behind sliding Japanese panels or of a curtain. In this way the result will be a style zen much more pure. The company Muebles Asdara is distributing manufacturer and of furniture, mainly of youthful furniture. In his Web it can find an ample variety to furnish youthful rooms.

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing is a new proposal to build houses and various buildings, which mainly seeks to better use of natural resources, namely respect as far as possible the environment and the same way as is realized certain benefits for the building from the very nature, such as saving heating when the winter and air conditioning brother summer arrives, thanks to the conditions provided by the environment around the building, in other words can be said that eco-sustainable housing construction or bio-construction, thanks to the implementation of some technological advances in the architecture, resulting in the most of the environment. The implementation of sustainable housing, has been implemented more in the buildings for public use, with the lay-out of a construction which seek to maximize the natural components of there as of sustainable, since through certain conditions in such housing can save energy by allowing more light and generate a certain weather conditions indoors. The achievement of sustainable housing is largely due to environmental concerns, which found support in a variety of useful technological advances in architecture, leading to what is called the bio-climatic, with the bio-construction. So to achieve the establishment of sustainable housing, it is essential the previous study of soils and their characteristics, also the weather. Check out Anne Chadwick for additional information. With previous studies that are performed for the construction of sustainable housing, primarily seeks to make the same environment generate better conditions in sustainable housing, so the arrival of certain climatic seasons, the atmosphere inside the homes respond to this, so will not be as necessary to implement devices such as fans or air conditioners that perform a high consumption energy is added to this sustainable housing that also allow reuse of a resource as important as water, provide better lighting conditions in the implementation of certain instruments that help to channel and to reduce pollution emissions . As added to the significant benefits that mean sustainable housing for people and their homes, the green architecture and sensitive to the environment that is present in sustainable housing, manages to avoid strong shocks in nature, to find better environmental conditions from the same planning and construction, besides its main achievement is aimed at energy savings through reduced energy consumption. One of the important elements in sustainable housing is the presence of walls that collect energy from the source of the sun also heat panels to keep hot water and photovoltaic cells. Other technological features that help shape housing sustainable systems are passive solar energy collection and vents them from providing comfort..

Buying Real Estate

Safety rules for buying property when purchasing an apartment, house or land more vulnerable party is always a buyer. Not yet become the owner of the desired property, he pays the seller deposit and, as a rule, the entire amount of money. In this case the seller, having received money from the buyer, to an entry in the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of Rights), there is still the property owner. So, before you put your signature of the contract and give the money, you need to personally ensure that your property will not "cat in the bag." Buying a particular property is not always possible to contact directly with the owner of this object. In Basically, most transactions pass through their representatives, usually real estate agents who can keep silent about any circumstances, do not notice them, or simply do not know the "history" of the sold object. That, in turn, may cause the buyer to considerable material losses. Plot on the need to pay attention to acquiring the land.

Regardless of the purpose of land (garden, IZHD, LPH, etc.) to commit transaction is necessary to collect the documents specified in the law. This certificate of ownership or contract of indefinite lifetime use (with right of survivorship) and the like, the documents on which the granted land plot cadastral cadastral extract or passport. If the plot was formed not so long ago – land management file, a decision on the provision of land or an extract from The household book. Buyer to should first figure out how to put land on the cadastral registration: declaratively or geodesic. If a cadastral registration of land placed declaratively, in the future this may lead to violate the rights of land users. Often there are legal disputes when the owners of adjacent plots of registered declaratively, without permission to increase its own plot at the expense of neighboring.

Home Towers

Still, the Social Assistant is capable to promote the aged, the similar one auto-valuation of of that it if feels enclosed in the Society. It is necessary to transform the reality of aged so that in a next future they can live with dignity, eradicating all and the any form of isolation and social exclusion. METHODOLOGY In visit to the home Towers of Melo, where I could interview the social assistant head of the sector of Social Service to the aged one institutionalized, the Dra. Maria Julia de Barros, author of the book LEARNING TO AGE, and the trainee of social service Mirian Gondim, of which I had access to handbooks and descriptions of the interns, where sigilosamente I could read some cases of familiar violence, generating the coming of the aged a institution, many times intervened by the Public prosecution service. The order of the institution, I did not publish in the work no data referring to the subject, preserving the privacy of the interns, and I did not cite the violncias, in the visits that I had to the home preventing the painful souvenirs of its past. For the accomplishment of this work, I got dedicated aid in specialized sites and books the violence suffered in the third age, beyond periodic visits to the asylum Home Towers of Melo.